Time to face up to social media in the classroom?

As busy parents increasingly hand responsibility to schools to provide social guidance and modelling for their children, is it time to face up to social media in the classroom?

Rather than incorporate these new media in their curriculums, schools have chosen to completely ban student access to Facebook and other social networking sites.

Once this occurs, there is no opportunity for these sites to be used by teachers in delivering the curriculum, removing any chance to provide moral and ethical guidance to students engaging with these forums.

While parents should always have a central role in this process, schools must have access to a full range of tools to make their classes relevant to the online world in which our children live, along with continuing professional development for teachers on how to incorporate new media in the classroom.

The digital education revolution should be focusing on the curriculum issue, rather than the media-friendly emphasis on expensive network and hardware roll-outs.

Banning social media in schools is easy and safe for school administrators.

However, without appropriate curriculum direction from our schools the online moral compass of many students is likely to continue to spin out of control.

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