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Configure L2TP VPN on D-Link DSR-250 Router

IPSec Policy Policy Name: L2TPVPN Policy Type: Auto Policy IP Protocol Version: IKEv1 L2TP Mode: Gateway IPSec Mode: Transport Mode Select Local Gateway: Dedicated WAN Remote Endpoint: FQDN IP Address / FQDN: Enabled Mode Config: off Enable RollOver: off Protocol: ESP Enable Keepalive: off

Phose 1(IKE SA Prams) Exchange Mode: Main Direction\type: Responder Nat Traversal: on Nat Keep Alive Frequency: 20 sec Local Identifier Type: Local WAN IP Remote Identifier Type: FQDN Remote Identifier: Encryption Algorithms: AES128, AES256, 3DES Authentication Algorithms: SHA1, SHA2-256 Authentication Method pre-sharedkey preshared key: DH Group: Group 2

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